Three Rivers events season reaches climax


Anyone who’s been around Three Rivers for a spring or two knows that this is the season when fundraisers (and other activities) happen. The winter is too cold, the summer’s too hot. Early spring is iffy because nobody wants rain on their parade, and late spring could bring temperatures sweltering enough to detract potential participants.

So it seems as though everybody and their events have descended upon the small window of time known as April. There are a few, however, who are daring to overflow into May.

Some long-running events laid claim to April long ago: Jazzaffair and Roping. Now the newcomers are straddling their events around those two granddaddies and whenever Easter decides to fall in a given year.

This year, Easter was on the first Sunday of April, completely eliminating a weekend from contention for a planned bash. But immediately after the Easter dinner dishes were washed and put away, hundreds of volunteers in Three Rivers knew that it was about to get real because for the next five weekends, major events were on the docket: Jazzaffair, Garden Tour and Earth Jam, Roping, Redbud Festival, and Three Rivers Music Festival, respectively.

Since no records are kept, this is purely speculation, but last weekend (April 18-19) was quite possibly the most jam-packed, event-filled two days ever in Three Rivers. Anyone who complained of boredom during this period is living under a rock because there was something for everyone and plenty from which to choose.

Here is a glimpse of what was happening all around Three Rivers last weekend.

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