Three Rivers man charged with assault


Mark Frick, deputy sheriff for Three Rivers while resident deputy Scott Doyle is on medical leave, responded to a report of a loud verbal argument late in the afternoon on Tuesday, Nov. 18. Apparently, the domestic argument had been ongoing for an extended time.

While en route to the scene, the deputy learned that an unidentified local man had attempted, or was threatening to, hit a horse with a baseball bat. The other combatant, a female, in the argument yelled at the bat-wielding man who came out of the pasture and attempted to hit the woman with the baseball bat.

The victim of the attempted assault was able to escape without being struck. The suspect in the assault was then contacted by Deputy Frick and arrested for attempted assault with a deadly weapon and for making threats of violence. 

The suspect was transported to Tulare County Jail and is being held on $50,000 bail.

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