Three Rivers resident battles cancer


Darcie Pena, 25, is a lifetime Three Rivers resident who was diagnosed with lung cancer a year ago. Since that time, fundraisers have been held to assist her with medical and travel expenses. Currently, there is a website that is collecting donations for Darcie:

Here is the website's explanation of Darcie's cancer fight:

Darcie Pena began her fight with lung cancer in the Fall of 2013 just as she was beginning her dream job as a teacher at River Kids Preschool in Three Rivers, California.  Darcie has had radiation, surgery and two rounds of chemotherapy,.  She is now doing her third round of chemo and having radiation treatment once again.  Darcie travels to the Santa Barbara Cancer Center, Sansum Clinic and the City of Hope for evaluation and treatment.  While she is in treatment and out of town, she can’t work with her awesome kids at the preschool and elementary school so she has the travel and medical expenses as well as the absence of income.  Darcie is 25 years old, a non-smoker, an otherwise healthy athlete and her diagnosis has baffled doctors. Her family, friends and community are inspired by her positive attitude.  Let’s help Darcie kick cancer’s butt and leave Darcie free to breathe! 

And here is a recently provided update:

Darcie is in her second week of this round of radiation and chemo and "feeling the love" from all the support that you all have given her. Go team Darcie! Thank you! Let's keep it going! 

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