Three Rivers Village Foundation disbands

For the past decade, Three Rivers has had a nonprofit Village Foundation advocacy group dedicated to civic improvement. Earlier this week, the remaining three board members — Mignon Gregg, Karen Bodner, Noah Watenmaker — voted to dissolve the organization, citing lack of community support. 
Mignon, who served as the group’s president for the past several years, said that even when the town meetings attracted overflow crowds, the members couldn’t get other community members to join and pay the $25 annual dues. 
The dues were used to organize and sponsor regular meetings that carried on the Town Hall tradition that was started by county Supervisor Bill Sanders in the mid-1990s after the governmental Municipal Advisory Council dissolved.  
Throughout the years, the Village Foundation has provided a forum for locals to be informed on an array of topics including a scenic highway, local ambulance service, national parks updates such as road construction schedules, candidates’ forums, vacation rentals, river access, and the Three Rivers Community Plan Update.
“Last year we started with 30 paid members but our support dwindled,” Mignon said. “There is no point of going forward.”
Next week, the Foundation will publish an official notice of the group’s decision. There is $1,500 in the treasury and that money will be donated to the Three Rivers Historical Museum, Gregg said.  

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