‘Tis the season for giving


Thanksgiving launches the holiday season, and out come our Christmas trees, our menorahs,  and adornments of lights, music, and gifts. Of course, for Christians, the greatest gift of all is the birth of Christ. 
The last several years have provided me a new awareness of the gift-giving season. These days, I genuinely celebrate #GivingTuesday, an international day that always falls on the first Tuesday after the Thanksgiving. 
This day of giving is intended to offset the heavy spending of Black Friday and Cyber Monday with a 24-hour period devoted to donating to charities, supporting good causes, and committing random acts of kindness. The event has raised more than $177 million for charities since 2012.
Join me in the helping others who have been there for so many of us. Several local nonprofit charities are: 
—Emergency Aid Alliance, which offers assistance to families who are experiencing unusual hardship. 
—Sequoia Parks Conservancy, which supports Rangers in the Classroom. 
—Three Rivers Woman’s Club and Three Rivers Lions Club, who are always helping out community members. 
And there are also individual fundraising efforts to help offset catastrophic injury or illness. Feel free to contact me for a list of at least six that are close to my heart.
Thank you, Three Rivers — past, present, and future — for your generous gifts of love, support, acts of kindness, and financial help.
* * *
This is an installment in a series of articles on the journey of one woman as she awaits an organ donation. Rachelle Ledbetter and her husband, Steve Swinney, have lived in Three Rivers for 31 years. Rachelle has been diagnosed with allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA) and bronchiestasis. She is dependent on supplementary oxygen 24 hours a day while awaiting a double lung transplant.

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