TKC subscription price to increase March 1


We don’t like price increases but sometimes they are inevitable. On March 1, exactly 19 years to the day from the first issue (March 1, 1995) of The Kaweah Commonwealth, the local annual subscription price will increase from $35 to $40.

It is the first subscription rate hike in more than a decade. In the Commonwealth’s early days (1990s) the subscription mail rate was $30. 

The out-of-town rates will remain at $40 for the time being as those loyal followers must often wait several days for delivery. Local subscribers will continue to receive the Commonwealth in their mailboxes the same day it hits the streets — every Friday.

An increase is necessary to offset rising postal costs. 

The Kaweah Commonwealth is the last independently owned weekly operating in an unincorporated area from Mariposa to Kernville. 

When you support your local paper, what’s in it for our paid subscribers? Besides the obvious of having the Commonwealth delivered with each Friday’s mail, subscribers will have free online access when the new TKC website is unveiled later this year. Also in the works is a complete digital archive of the Commonwealth that will be searchable with a click or two from any desktop or mobile device and PDF page-turners of specialty publications.

We are taking the next step in social media so our followers can share articles, comment online, share posts, comment on Facebook and Twitter, and much more. 

There is currently a window of opportunity for savings until the end of the month. 

Renew or subscribe today and still pay the $35 for another year.    Thinking of sending the Commonwealth as a gift? Buy that subscription now and save. 

The ownership of the Commonwealth won’t sugar coat the future — you know what’s happened to the newspapers in so many other towns. With your continued support of the newspaper and its advertisers, we can keep abreast of this corner of the world we live in and continue to publish a journal for those who labor and who think.

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