Top stories of 2020: 3R News breaking bad and it’s not over yet

It was the Castle Fire and how it threatened and closed Sequoia National Park that was the most read 3R News story of 2020.

Fire and coronavirus topped 3R News coverage for 2020

There were really no big surprises in the local stories that garnered the most attention (page views) in 2020. In the past 25 years that Kaweah Country and Three Rivers have been our beat, we’ve usually managed to stay comfortable in our sheltered existence. The only events that arguably affected all of us were several government shutdowns that closed Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. We’ve had our share of those and they were bad times for a few weeks.

Though the effects of those inept attempts to govern were only temporary it appears that now a government that has failed us in a pandemic will have far reaching and lasting effects. And watch 3R News for more breaking bad news as we try in 2021 to get back to normal. Call it what you will but we can never go back.   

I’ve always called Three Rivers one of the “last best places.” The reason: we have somehow remained insulated from all the major problems that typically plague other places. But now as we attempt to stay out of harm’s way to ride out a pandemic, we have relegated a more serious challenge to the back burner. Think the worst fire in Tulare County history, the top local story of 2020, and there is no doubt that the fire season is getting more severe due to climate change.

The greatest challenge of our time is climate change of which the COVID-19 pandemic is merely a wake-up call. Can the world ban together to counter the effects that threaten an entire planet? If it’s up to the U.S. to lead the World in this effort, and we always have before, we need some wholesale changes. Right now we are so divided we are a failed nation, a failed state, we are failing as a county, and we are a failed community.

As an electorate, and free elections are what other countries have envied most about a democratic America, we are strictly divided along racial lines. Fifty-eight (58) percent of whites that voted in the 2020 election cast ballots for Donald Trump. So had people of color not voted in 2020 we would be subject to four more years of failed leadership and the looting of our country by billionaires like Jeff Bezos who makes $150,000 a minute on all our Amazon purchases. 

So as you reflect back on 2020 let’s dedicate ourselves and work together to never let this great country of ours go to hell in a handbasket. You can do it Three Rivers we can live together in peace and harmony. It starts with care and compassion for others and ends with equal rights and justice for all. In the 1960s, we framed it simply as “Love one, Love all! Let that love begin at home, in Three Rivers one of the last best places. Happy New Year!

The top ten local stories that garnered the most attention (page views) in 2020

  1. Sequoia National Park closed to the public due to SQF Complex fire
  2. Tulare County coronavirus daily cases
  3. Sequoia National Park reopens  
  4. Three Rivers businesses: What’s open, what’s closed
  5. Tulare County has second confirmed case of coronavirus   
  6. Fire on the Mountain: Families mourn loss of Sierra Nevada cabins
  7. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks work toward reopening  
  8. Three Rivers man arrested in Cherokee Oaks shooting
  9. Voluntary evacuation notice issued for South Fork Drive in Three Rivers
  10. Stay-at-Home ordered for Tulare County (and entire San Joaquin Valley) 

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