Town-wide power outage rescheduled


The maintenance work requiring a system-wide outage in Three Rivers that was scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 31, from 2 a.m. until 12 noon, has been rescheduled during the same hours for Thursday, Sept. 14. The maintenance work involves changing a setting on one of the local transformers and lowering the voltage.
Currently, the transformer is delivering a higher voltage than is needed and that potentially might cause damage to motors, air conditioners, computers, and any electrical devices that are sensitive to higher voltage spikes.   The repair work involves a lineman climbing up and adjusting the setting.
It sounds simple but there is an extensive protocol whenever the system is shut down and then turned back on. Construction managers expect the power won’t need to be off for the entire 10 hours; that’s a worst-case scenario.
SCE is in a difficult position trying to balance risk with customer service, said the manager of the Three Rivers hydroelectric facilities. 
Apparently, enough objections were raised as to the timing of the outage, which was scheduled during a record-breaking heatwave and one of the busiest weeks of the summer season in Three Rivers. SCE officials decided to postpone the outage for at least two weeks, and the more than 1,700 customers affected will be re-noticed.  
Customers may view outage updates here.     

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