TRUS installs new board members

TRUS installs new board
The Three Rivers Union School District school bus making the rounds in Three Rivers for the past five weeks is a sure sign that on-campus classes have resumed. That’s bus driver Alex Garcia dropping off a kindergartner in Cherokee Oaks. Where else are the bus riding school children entrusted to a moonlighting pastor from a local church — only in Three Rivers.

Karplus and Brown sworn in virtually by Sue Winters, the 2020 school board president 

At Tuesday’s (Dec. 15) TRUS board meeting via ZOOM, following a unanimous thank you to outgoing trustees Mark Frick and Jason Hawes, newly appointed board members David Karplus and Leeor Brown were dutifully sworn in to fill the vacant seats. Karplus was elected board president, and Anne Pfaff was elected clerk of the board. Peter Mestaz will serve as voting representative to the county, and Jennifer Clark (teacher’s aide) will serve as secretary to the board.

“In all my years of working with the district,” Sherwood said, “I have never seen a newly installed board member be elected president.” TRUS installs new board

Karplus has conscientiously attended board meetings in the past year and has become knowledgable on district business especially the items pertaining to the budget. He was the clear choice to replace the current board president Sue Winters, who will remain on the five-person board as a voting member. 

Superintendent Sue Sherwood reported the current enrollment is 107; 55 students have returned for in-person learning, 22 are distance learning, and 30 seventh and eighth graders are also distance learning because the waiver to return to on-campus learning did not include middle school students. Sherwood has written several letters petitioning to have the seventh and eighth graders return next month in time for the start of the third quarter on January 22. TRUS installs new board

“I explained in the letters that the situation at our small school is unique and that these middle school children can be safely protected just like the primary grade students,” Sherwood said. 

Sherwood also reported the approximate $60,000 in Cares Act funding that TRUS received was almost all spent being used for safety mitigation and learning loss. 

In summing up the return to in-person learning, Sherwood said: 

“The students are thrilled to be back and so are the parents who are being respectful in the monitoring of any symptoms,” Sherwood reported. “We’re seeing disengagement and depression among some of the seventh and eighth graders and they need to be back at school too.” 

The consensus among staff is one of relief that the first five weeks of a return to in-person learning were completed with no major problems. Winter break begins at the end of the school day on Friday, December 18; the second quarter resumes on Monday, January 11. TRUS installs new board

The first board meeting of 2021 is scheduled for Wednesday, January 6. The public is invited to attend via zoom; links and background material are posted on the TRUS website.  TRUS installs new board

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