TRUS to resume on-campus learning on November 5

TRUS to resume on-campus
Canopies, located behind the McDowall Auditorium, where returning TRUS students can spend much of their time socially distanced and outside in an effort to maximize their safety while on campus.


TRUS’s biggest challenge is keeping everybody safe

In this crazy year of 2020, during round two of a pandemic and the biggest fire in the history of Tulare County, Three Rivers Union School will make a comeback on Thursday, November 5. On that day, students in transitional kindergarten through sixth

grade will return to in-classroom learning for the first time in six months. TRUS to resume on-campus

The 106-student district was granted a waiver for its primary grade students to return to class; seventh and eighth graders may be also be granted a waiver and return as early as the following week. Sue Sherwood, superintendent and principal, said 100 of the 106 sets of parents were polled and 75 percent want to return to on-campus learning. Among the 25 percent against, a number will continue remote learning from home. TRUS to resume on-campus

Sherwood said that the waiver requires masks only for students above second grade but she will ask all students to don the face coverings. The waiver also requires safety and sanitation protocol including handwashing and social distancing. Canopies are already in place behind McDowall Auditorium so much of the time on campus, 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m, can be spent outside.

“It’s frightening to think what’s happening to some of these students who are struggling with the remote learning,” Sherwood said. “We need to get these students back in class.” TRUS to resume on-campus

But some of the teachers are apprehensive and think it would be prudent to follow the lead of Woodlake Unified School District. They have opted to continue distance learning until January 2021. Jami Beck, who is teaching the first/second-grade combination class and has the most students (20), does not agree that returning next week is the right decision. She said her students are making remarkable progress in remote learning and now they must adopt to a new protocol.

“We make such a big issue to stick with the Woodlake district, why are we not sticking with Woodlake now?” said Beck. “My kids are doing great, we’re online together and they are not telling me they are stressed. I just think we should wait until after the holidays to bring our students back because we would all be more safe.” 

Here is the TRUS guidebook for returning to school that is being provided to parents.

A TRUS board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 4, at 6:30 p.m. For access, email Sue Sherwood.

Here are the TRUS teachers for the 2020-2021 school year:

Kindergarten/pre-kindergarten – Liz Harrelson
Grades 1/2 (combination class) – Jami Beck
Grade 3 – Linda Warner
Grade 4 – Katie St. Martin
Grade 5 – Laura Himm
Grade 6 – Megan Thorn
Grade 7 – Katie Warner
Grade 8 – Diane Garcia

Superintendent orders closure of Three Rivers School due to COVID-19


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