Tulare County Fire Department


The Tulare County Fire Department call volume from Three Rivers decreased from 22 calls for service in August to 19 in September. TCFD personnel responded to two separate “snakes in a residence” calls during the month. 
Here are the calls for assistance during September for the community of Three Rivers:  
Power Line Down- 1
Vegetation/Grass Fires- 0
Public Service Assist- 2
Trash/Debris Fires- 0
Structure Fires- 0
Vehicle Accidents- 0 
Vehicle Fires- 0
Rescues- 0
Medical Aids- 13
Other Incidents- 3
2018 calls year-to-date: 212
Statewide Update: Currently, there are 13 active fire incidents throughout the California. This number has gradually decreased over the last couple of weeks. TCFD crews have recently returned from the Oak Fire in Madera County. This was a small incident in comparison to the vast majority of seasonal incidents. Crews returned earlier in the month from the Mendocino Complex and Hirz Fires after extended deployments.
Statistics provided by Charlie Norman, Fire Chief, Tulare County Fire Department

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