Three confirmed cases of coronavirus in Tulare County; 73 in self-quarantine

UPDATE: As of 8 p.m. on Monday, March 16, a third patient has been confirmed as positive for COVID-19. The patient has been described as “acutely ill” and is currently being treated at Kaweah Delta Medical Center.

There are now 73 individuals who are under self-quarantine to monitor their health. That number is up from a dozen four days ago. These individuals have been identified as having had contact with someone who has tested positive or who have returned from an area where there is a cluster of known cases.

With all the mixed messages from a multitude of jurisdictions, here are some things that everyone can do to ensure everyone gets through this crisis.

(1) Donate to your local food bank or pantry.

(2) Offer to assist at-risk neighbors. 

(3) Stay in touch from afar. Skype or FaceTime family and friends.

(4) Pay attention to the local news. They will tell you things you won’t hear or read anywhere else.

(5)  Stock up, then STOP! Don’t stockpile goods.

(6) Stay home and, if you must go out, wear gloves, use sanitizer and keep a safe distance of six feet or more from others.

Woodlake Unified Schools update

Like Three Rivers School, Woodlake Unified School District has suspended all in-person classes effective March 17 until the end of Spring Break on Monday, April 13. The closure includes Woodlake High School and cancellation of all student activities: trips, meetings, sports, practices, and rehearsals.

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