UPDATE: CANCELLED! SCE plans town-wide power outage for maintenance


UPDATE: The planned power outage for Thursday, Aug. 31, has been rescheduled. The new date is Thursday, Sept. 14, for the same timeframe: 2 a.m. to 12 p.m. More information will appear in the September 1 issue of The Kaweah Commonwealth.


A spokesperson with SCE confirmed that work being done by contractor will require a community-wide power outage for more than 1,700 Three Rivers business and residential customers on Thursday, Aug 31. The outage is scheduled to take place from approximately 2 a.m. until noon.
In the next several days, all affected customers should be receiving a text message, email, phone call, door hanger, or a post card with details. 
This outage will be affecting the business district too, including restaurants and markets. The temperature is forecast to be in the triple digits that day so head’s up and plan accordingly for no air-conditioning and no refrigerator/freezer. 
And no electricity = no classes. Three Rivers School will be closed due to the power outage.
Here’s how to prepare for a maintenance power outage, according to SCE’s website: 
Electronic Equipment— Shut off or disconnect all sensitive electronics before the outage to prevent damage or loss of data.
Security Gates— Review the instructions for your electric gates and learn how to operate them manually.
Alarm Systems— Alert the security company of the outage. The outage will affect alarm systems and may affect private phone systems.
Emergency Generators— Business customers may wish to rent a portable generator, but note that SCE does not reimburse for this cost. 
NOTICE: SCE requests that those who plan to use a generator call 1-888-759-6056. This is a safety measure for their employees.

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