Vehicle break-in nets empty purse


There is no doubt that times are changing, and locals and visitors need to be ever-vigilant and proactive when it comes to crime prevention. Last weekend’s vehicle break-in that occurred in the parking lot at Village Market is a case in point. 
Crime stats for the last two decades reveal some important trends. First, Three Rivers doesn’t have a significant crime problem but during the busy spring-summer visitor season (May to September), there is a definite upward spike, especially in smash-and-dash crimes. 
One such incident occurred in broad daylight on Saturday, May 19, at 2 p.m. Apparently, a purse lying on the front seat in plain sight was too much for a would-be thief to resist. 
After breaking a window, the thief gained entry, grabbed the purse, and dashed. Upon returning to the car, the owner notified Tulare County Sheriff’s deputies that a break-in had occurred. There was minor damage to the vehicle and the only item missing was a purse with no contents because the victim had just transferred the items from one purse to another, leaving the empty handbag on the seat in the car.  
That’s a lot of risk to take and a big price to pay if/when the thief is caught. The break-in is currently under investigation. 
It’s also a wake-up call for residents and visitors to not leave valuables (or anything that could be mistaken as valuable) in plain sight.
Anyone with information in this incident or any crime may call Three Rivers resident deputy Mark Frick at (559) 740-8894.          

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