Verizon camouflages new cell tower


Site preparation has been in the works ever since a Verizon cell tower was approved for Three Rivers by the Tulare County Planning Commission on October 22, 2014. Now placing the 75-foot tower, with its newly installed pine branches, into service appears imminent. The addition of the pine branches adds 7.5 feet to the metal structure for a total height of 82.5 feet.
A crane crew began installing the pine tree branches on Wednesday, Oct. 26, and according to Verizon’s agents who are contracted to expedite approval, once the tower is camouflaged that’s usually among the final steps before the tower goes live.
At the time of its approval two years ago, the Three Rivers tower was one of the first cell towers to be required to add camouflage in an unincorporated area of Tulare County.
Once the new tower, with its 12 antennas and microwave dish, is placed into service, signal strength should be dramatically improved for Verizon users who live in and visit Three Rivers. The competition of another provider could also prompt better service from AT&T. 
At the very least, the camouflage of the Verizon tower will be helpful in persuading AT&T to add camouflage to their local installations too.  There has been no official announcement from Verizon or Tulare County officials as to when the tower will be activated.        

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