Verizon tower for 3R is 'in process'


The revised Three Rivers site plan that included a faux tree design was approved in December and officially recorded on January 23, 2015. That means all that’s left for the cellular company Verizon to do is file the necessary paperwork on a building permit.

The original application for a tower installation at the Three Rivers site, located at Highway 198 and South Fork Drive, was approved after a public hearing during the Tulare County Planning Commission meeting of October 22, 2014.

Still “in process” is the official word from Dana Mettlen, RMA project planner for several on-going Verizon applications for new cell installations in Tulare County. The company agent who attended the Wednesday, Jan. 28, meeting applied for and received a special use permit for another tower to be installed on the south side of Avenue 416 between Roads 40 and 44, northwest of the city limits of Dinuba.

The agent, who is a consultant with a Fresno partnership that assists Verizon with the applications, said that the Dinuba property already has a trailer on the site to accommodate a temporary tower until the permanent one is erected in the next couple of weeks.

The agent said he didn’t know the specifics of the Three Rivers application but said that he would inquire as to when the tower would be installed.

“There’s really nothing left to do on the Three Rivers application but pay the fees,” Mettlen said. 

Lemon Cove commercial property— In other business at Wednesday’s planning commission meeting, Jack Griggs Inc. received approval for a special use permit to install a 20,000 gallon propane tank on the property adjacent to the Om Nom Nom CafĂ© in Lemon Cove. An agent for Griggs said the tank will help the propane company better serve Three Rivers from the location on the south side of Hwy. 198 at the junction of Hwy. 216 (Woodlake turnoff).

Griggs, Inc. also received approval for a zone change to “O” (Recreational) to divide part of their adjacent Lemon Cove property that will be developed in the future for other commercial uses. The company is planning a boat and RV storage yard and a roadside area to accommodate special events like weddings, reunions, car shows, and motorcycle charity runs. 

The action by Griggs, Inc., which also owns the restaurant, brings the landmark roadside property into zoning compliance formerly in violation since the fruit stand and deli was first established there two decades ago.   

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