WEATHER (and snake) WATCH: MARCH 27, 2015


On March 18, a previous record fell when the highest temperature ever recorded for the month was surpassed. l, today (Friday, March 27) could shatter that record if the region has a temperature a degree or two above 90. This is a trend to watch as 2013 had some of the warmest months on record. That is, until 2014, in which every month was in the top 10 warmest on record. And 2015 is looking to be competitive in this high-temperature game.

Due to the warm daytime temperatures, rattlesnakes are out and about… in March! The bite of a rattlesnake is poisonous. When outdoors, watch your step and where you place your hands. Never try to handle a snake and don’t provoke them. This is how many bites occur. 

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