Weather looks merry and bright for annual Kaweah Country Run/Walk


The weather is always problematic when an outdoor event is scheduled for late November or December. Last year, the deluge on the Saturday after Thanksgiving caused the Kaweah Country Run/Walk to be postponed a week and rescheduled for the first Saturday in December.  
The weather forecast
Last year’s date worked out well. Lots of participants told event organizers that Thanksgiving weekend was just too crazy with out-of -town guests or having to make the journey over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house. 
So the annual Kaweah Country Run has now moved permanently to the first Saturday in December.
This year, the weather looks like one of the best years since the event began. The forecast on December 2 calls for clear and cool temperatures in the upper 40s at the start; the high later that day should be in the upper 60s, perfect for some outdoor exertion. 
Prizes, giveaways, bling
New this year, every registrant will find a long-sleeve tech shirt in their goodie bag at check-in. In addition, all finishers receive a medal, and awards are presented to the top finishers in each age category.
The Kaweah Country Run/Walk has great sponsors and really cool awards and prizes. The event’s raffle always features an array of gift cards from local merchants, lodging places, and eateries, and every registrant receives a raffle ticket. 
The event also attracts runners and walkers from the Valley, who hang out afterward to eat, shop, and explore fog-free Three Rivers.
The course
The inch of rain that passed through Kaweah Country last weekend was exactly what the trail doctor ordered. The dusty loam on the lake bottom is now packed, making for great footing whether you are a runner aiming for  a PR (personal record) or out on the course to have some fun in the sun.
The lake is picturesque with plenty of birdlife, including eagles, ducks quacking, geese honking, and fish jumping. The occasional coyote, fox, deer, or bobcat also might be sighted. 
The entire network of trails, both the 5K upper trail and the lower 10K trail, are adjacent to the river and lake and have water or mountains in sight along the entire route.
The first and last miles of both the 5K and 10K events are on pavement. The rest of the course is on dirt roads that for much of the year are underwater.
The cause
Most importantly, the goal of the Kaweah Country Run is to (1) introduce local residents to the camaraderie of the running community, (2) provide a convenient way to explore the Lake Kaweah basin in the quiet off-season, (3) promote physical activity, and (4) raise funds for an impressive charity doing good work daily. All proceeds from the event go to the Chris Dudley Foundation, which teaches youth with Type 1 diabetes how to lead healthy, active lives.
For more information, call (559) 260-2909.

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