WEATHER WATCH: April 22, 2016


Rain forecast for late in the day Friday will hopefully just water the dust down in the arena during the Three Rivers Team Roping rather than cause a postponement of events. Another bout of precipitation is due Monday, but all this storminess will help push out the high pressure ridge that was causing temperatures to be unseasonably warm this past week.

In the upcoming week, the thermometer should hover more around normal with daytime temperatures in the 70s.

On Saturday, April 23, the moon will be in a waning gibbous phase. That means it rises in the east later than it did last night. And it will rise later and later each evening, meaning that you can catch the daytime moon over your western horizon after sunrise in the next few mornings. View the moon in your eastern sky before going to bed this evening, April 23, and then look for the moon low in your western sky right after sunrise, April 24, as long as the clouds cooperate by dissipating.


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