WEATHER WATCH: April 27, 2018


FINDING FLOWERS:  They aren’t going to last for ever so hurry for a visit to the Salt Creek Trail to view the carpet of color that’s currently lighting up the hillsides. In just a few hundred feet from the parking lot the blooms begin. In fact, a walk of less than a mile will feature all the wildflowers that are in the photos above. Just over a two-mile hike will reward visitors with views of two waterfalls.

* * *

The first 90-degree day of 2018 was Monday, April 23. But a reprieve from these summer-like temperatures is coming. 

The mercury will take a 20-degree dive over the weekend and into the first part of the workweek. Precipitation is a possibility for Tuesday, May 1. This will start May the way March and April began, with winter playing catch-up on precipitation.

After this unsettled weather, the temperature will inch back toward the 80s and could even reach 90 again by the first weekend in May.

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