WEATHER WATCH: July 8, 2016


Well, that was one heck of a heatwave that parked overhead for more than a week. It has now moved eastward and will be replaced by cooler, marine-influenced air that will arrive in the Central Valley this weekend, causing temperatures to drop.

Smoke continues to blanket Three Rivers each morning, as it has for a month, a result of the Goliath Prescribed Burn, which is still active in the Redwood Canyon area, just up the North Fork drainage from here.



The East Fork of the Kaweah River goes into a free fall just west of the Mineral King valley in Sequoia National Park. This fork of the Kaweah River, one of five, is the second in length and water flow only to the Kaweah’s Middle Fork.

The headwaters of the East Fork are the lakes that circle above the Mineral King valley, gathering snowmelt from the 12,000-foot peaks, then draining into tributaries that feed the East Fork.

The East Fork and the highest elevations of the other forks and falls of the Kaweah River reached peak flow in the past few weeks as the melting of the high-elevation snowfields accelerated due to the above-average temperatures.

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