Wells in the Central Valley are running dry. After four years of below-average precipitation, water-storage reservoirs are low and surface-water allocations have been slashed. Groundwater pumping is unsustainable as escalating well failures demonstrate (1,210 in Tulare County as of May 12, up an additional 22 from the previous week). The state’s agricultural production zone is in the area most severely hit by drought. The North American food supply will feel the effects

Rain fell in the Three Rivers environs on Thursday-Friday night, May 14-15. This late rain will do little in the way of replenishing the Lake Kaweah reservoir, but it did refresh the landscape and help extend spring a little longer. About .92 was received at the 1,000-fott elevation level in Three Rivers. That rain fell as snow in the higher elevations. About three inches at 8,000 feet elevation.

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