When Nature is Loved to Death

The Lake Elsinore area east of Orange County in Southern California is having what is being called a “Super Bloom.” Poppies and mustard are painting the hillsides with orange and yellow brushes. Being so close to a major metropolitan area, this is making it easy for folks to leave city or suburb and experience the great outdoors. But did it really happen if it doesn’t get posted on Facebook or Instagram? 
This is the dilemma depicted in this photo. Look closely to see that those ant-like creatures are actually people in the poppies in order to get their selfie with a flower. The poppies are being trampled by eager Instagrammers anxious to show thousands of people whom they’ll never meet that they had an epic outdoor experience.
Unfortunately, this colorful vegetation isn’t hardy enough to withstand those venturing off trail, standing in groups, or laying down among the flowers for a photo opp. The poppies are being picked, dogs are roaming off leash, tripods are set up on top of blooms, and children are plopped onto plants for their photos. 
How to coexist with wildflowers (in Three Rivers or elsewhere): Stay on roads or trails. Keep dogs and children on roads or trails. Take photos from roads or trails.
NOTE: No flowers were harmed in the taking of this photograph. It’s drone footage by SkyHigh Innovations of Three Rivers.

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