Where in Three Rivers?


An inscription on the historic turbine at Kaweah Powerhouse No. 1 was the clue for the "Where in Three Rivers?" feature. But the local headquarters of Southern California Edison, located on Highway 198 just before its junction with Mineral King Road has so much more to view. Scroll through the photos above for what else is on the site.

Also on display at this location are a couple sections of flume. The flume is a curiosity for those who have never been to Three Rivers before. An oft-asked question is “What are those metals things on the hill?” These manmade channels, one on the north side of the Kaweah canyon, another on the south side, convey water from the Kaweah River to Kaweah Powerhouse No. 2 (Kaweah River Drive) and Kaweah Powerhouse No. 3 (Sequoia National Park entrance).

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