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During the Fourth of July holiday weekend, a hiker from Southern California looking for some of the biggest Big Trees was ascending the Paradise Ridge Trail above Atwell Mill in the Mineral King area of Sequoia National Park when he found he was sharing the trail with a mountain lion.
“We only stood looking at each other for a two-to-three minute time but he showed no inclination to leave because of my presence,” Richard Ide wrote. “When I first came up he was sitting, and then he stood up for 10 to 15 seconds, and then he sat back down with his body only slightly more toward me.”
It’s been reported that another party of hikers in the area that day also saw a big cat, presumably the same one. All Mineral King trailheads have since been posted with mountain lion warnings. 
On Monday, July 24, this adolescent bobcat was taking advantage of the shade in a Three Rivers yard. The young cat was overheated and panting. 
The hot weather is causing natural water sources to quickly dry up, meaning birds and four-legged critters could be left without anything to drink or having to cross a busy road to access the river. Three Rivers residents can turn their outdoor space into a home for nature by doing simple things like providing birdbaths and creating a makeshift water source from a large tub. This will assist local wildlife that are already struggling in a parched landscape.


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