Winds cause tree failures, power outages


When wind gusts approach hurricane velocity like they did on Friday, Feb. 28, there’s bound to be residual effects. Oaks were reported down in Cherokee Oaks, and on the North Fork one ended up stretching a power line to its breaking point. A stand of large mature pines toppled like dominoes at a North Fork home near the Three Rivers Arts Center.

Power, phone, and Internet outages were reported throughout the afternoon. The areas on both sides of the river above Dinely Bridge reportedly took the brunt of the swirling winds.

Power was out in the upper canyon for several hours in the early morning. In Woodlake, most of the town was in the dark, and businesses on the east side of Valencia Blvd. closed early.

Rising in elevation in the Kaweah canyon, the wind gusts apparently lost steam. Ash Mountain anemometers recorded gusts to 39 mph from 4 to 5 a.m. and again from 2 to 3 p.m. and no damage was reported.

In terms of rainfall, the overnight total for Three Rivers was just slightly less than an inch with a trace the following day. The season total is currently approaching five inches.

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