Woodlake High names new principal


The Woodlake Unified School District board searched far and wide but in the end they hired from within. Effective September 14, Rick Rodriguez, who was serving as the interim principal and was previously the school’s learning director, was named Woodlake High School’s new principal.

Rodriguez, a 1989 grad of Woodlake High, is starting his 19th year in the employment of the Woodlake school district.

“It’s not that much of change for me, but now I’m facilitating the meetings rather than just being a contributor,” Rodriguez said. “There’s more interaction with staff, and I’m learning all about the budget and how schools operate.”

Rodriguez said now it’s his job to see that everyone works together and ensure that the school runs efficiently. He said the interview process was a rigorous one and looks forward to all the challenges that come with being the principal.

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