World-renowned cellist to perform in Three Rivers


The supernaturally gifted cellist David Requiro returns to Three Rivers to perform on Saturday, Jan. 10, at Community Presbyterian Church. For those who have heard him on one of his previous visits, there is little doubt that he was born to play this instrument. He is regarded by many in the music world as one of the finest cellists of our era.

In 2008, he was the first-prize winner of the Naumburg International Violoncello Competition in New York City. He has received numerous other prestigious awards as well.

David is currently artist in residence at the University of Puget Sound where he is professor of cello and director of the chamber music program. 

When you watch David Requiro perform it seems effortless, fluid, like language, like the cello is part of him. His tone is full and fertile, and the music that comes to your ear is like singing. And it will move you.

David will be accompanied by one of the finest collaborative pianists anywhere, the inestimable Jennie Jung, who possesses an uncanny ability to align her poetic touch with her soloist.

On the program are two of the centerpiece compositions for cello. First is Beethoven’s groundbreaking Sonata in G Minor, which almost single-handedly elevated the cello to its present stature as one of the great solo instruments. The music is unmistakably Beethoven, full of drama that ranges from serene and nostalgic all the way to raging storm.

The second big piece on the program is the famous Cello Sonata in D Minor from Dmitri Shostakovich. Here, Shostakovich was dangerously tempting fate, openly taunting Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin in a way that could have cost Shostakovich his life. It’s remarkable that he survived and went on to compose for another four decades.

Tickets for the concert are $12 and available at Mountain View Realty or at the door. Children and students are admitted free. 

An adult accompanying each child is also admitted free, thanks to a generous contribution from Jaclyn and Stan Johnson of Three Rivers.

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