Theme Ride Thursday: Shop ‘Til You Drop Profile

Guest instructor Christine Nielsen loves to play interactive games with her students. She came up with this creative Shop ‘Til You Drop profile for Black Friday, but you can use it throughout the entire holiday season. In fact, it is possible to use it year-round just for fun! This profile works really well when you have a close relationship with your students, but it can also help you break the ice with a group you are just getting started with. It will reveal your creativity and sense of fun!

Feel free to add your own spirit to this ride. And don’t forget to check out our Black Friday playlist if you are looking for other shopping song ideas. 

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Download the playlist

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The Spotify playlist for the profile can be found below.  Note that Breathless by SBP and Gogglebox by Kaleidophone were not available on Spotify so please feel free to substitute your own song choices. As always, If you come up with any other ideas or songs that would be good to use, please leave them in the comments below.



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