Bears in the news

Kathleen Boley photo (2015)

Three Rivers is bear habitat. Don’t believe it? Then take a look at these headlines that have appeared on 3 Rivers News or in The Kaweah Commonwealth over the past few years:

Bear-proofing Three Rivers

Bear euthanized after vehicle collision

Caltrans installs bear-crossing signs

Wandering bear causes lockdown at Three Rivers School

Bears in harm’s way on Three Rivers roads

Bear hit, killed near TRUS

Bear family prepares for hibernation by pillaging 3R garbage

The bears are back in town

Bear killed on Sierra Drive

Bears are returning to Three Rivers

Three Rivers Bears 101

Bear activity is gradually slowing

‘Bear Brigade’ on a mission to keep 3R bears wild

Bears getting creative, brazen in attempts to get food

Bears ending their Three Rivers visit as roadkill

Bears visiting Three Rivers in prolific numbers

Beary hungry

Wanted: Photographs of the Great Bear Influx of 2015

Expect bear activity to increase in Three Rivers

Bears are on the prowl in Three Rivers

Being bear smart in Three Rivers

Bears are topic of 3R town meeting

Bear cubs shot by game warden

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