Chain reaction: Three Rivers retail outlets vie for Sequoia snow business

Festive decorations adorn this “Winter Traction Products” banner.
Custom-built hanger accompanies this advertisement.
Double the message, double the business.
Stating the message in black and white.
Snowflakes mean it’s really true. There’s snow in them thar hills.
Homemade points the way.
Snow chains for people who don’t move fast.
Chains for rent, coffee for free.
In case you’re a “slow” pedestrian and don’t understand the chain (of) command: It’s the law of the mountains.
When you absolutely have to have quality chains.
Decisions, decisions.
Frozen roadways, frozen yogurt.
Neon snow glow.
Traction action.
One sign says it all: Chains = Cables. Over there. Not hard. Hot drink.
And the daily forecast during winter for Sequoia: Chains required.

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