DUI factors in fatal head-on crash

fatal head-on crash
On Sunday, September 29, this was a grisly scene when two cars collided head-on. The casualties: one fatality, one on life support, one with minor to moderate injuries in the westbound vehicle; two with moderate injuries in the eastbound vehicle.

The fatal head-on crash occurred when the westbound driver of a 2001 Mercedes, Joshua Young, 37, of Visalia attempted to pass a car coming out of the downhill section below Lake Kaweah. Realizing that there was not time to return to the westbound lane,  Young apparently swerved left to evade the oncoming vehicle by driving off the roadway to the shoulder of the eastbound lane.

Unable to avoid the eastbound vehicle, Young collided with a 2011 GMC Yukon driven by Amanda Clark, 32, of Tulare. A passenger in the Mercedes, Sylvia Chandler, 61, of Visalia, reportedly was seated in the rear seat. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Another passenger in the rear seat, a 40-year-old male, suffered moderate injuries. fatal head-on crash

The SUV had a passenger in the front seat and two children restrained in rear car seats; none were injured seriously. The occupants of the Mercedes all gave the same Visalia address. The vehicle was registered to the deceased but was being driven by Young. fatal head-on crash

Young remains on life support. He is reportedly not expected to recover. If the suspected driver does survive, because of previous DUI offenses he could be charged with second-degree murder. fatal head-on crash


One thought on “DUI factors in fatal head-on crash

  • October 12, 2019 at 9:25 am

    I do not understand why people still drink and drive. Are they not aware of the thousands of notices, ads, warnings about how stupid dangerous this is? Or do they not care?


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