A week's worth of incidents at Sequoia-Kings Canyon: Fires, fights, fractures, and lost hikers found

A firefighter extinguishes a fire of suspicious origin at a Sphinx Creek backcountry campsite in Kings Canyon National Park. (National Park Service photo)


See Sequoia-Kings Canyon fire restrictions here

Sequoia National Park 

8/1/2019: Rangers participated in structure fire training.
8/2/2019: Rangers responded to Upper Sherman Parking Lot for a 15-year-old female from Italy experiencing an asthma attack. Rangers treated the patient, and her family declined EMS transport.
8/3/2019: A 25-year-old male from Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., asked rangers outside the Lodgepole Ranger Office for assistance with an asthma attack. Rangers treated the patient, who declined EMS transport.
8/3/2019: Rangers received a report of a party of two that had separated at Twin Lakes. The wife continued toward Silliman Pass, and the husband planned to return to the Wuksachi Lodge. The male took a wrong turn and ended up hiking to JO pass. He eventually figured out his mistake. He hiked an estimated 22 miles and returned to the Wuksachi Lodge several hours later than expected.
8/4/2019: Rangers responded to a report of a 40-year-old male with difficulty breathing at the top of the Tokopah Falls trail. Rangers responded with the litter and brought the patient to the trailhead. Patient was transported to the hospital via ambulance.
8/4/2019: Rangers received a report of a 40-year-old female who had fallen from Tunnel Log and sustained a fractured leg. The woman was transported by ambulance to the hospital. 
Mineral King 
8/2/2019: Rangers received a report of a separated party at Blossom Lake. The reporting party stated that on the afternoon of August 1, two members of her party had left lower Blossom Lake to day hike to upper Blossom Lake but they never returned. Ground crews searched for several hours. The pair were eventually spotted by the park’s contract helicopter. A ranger hiked to their location and found them to be uninjured. The ranger assisted them back to the trail and to their campsite where they were reunited with the reporting party. 

Sequoia-Kings Canyon: Camping, construction, dark skies, soundscapes, and a new visitor app

Kings Canyon National Park
Cedar Grove 
8/1/2019: Rangers responded to a physical altercation at Moraine Campground. After an investigation, the male suspect was arrested for disorderly conduct and transported to Fresno County Jail. The victim was treated by Ambulance 4 and refused transport.
8/1-8/4/2019: Rangers responded to multiple reports of smoke and flames in the Cedar Central Rx unit near Roaring River parking lot. Rangers provided public education in the area and set up closure flagging, information boards, and signage.
8/3/2019: Rangers responded to Sphinx Creek Junction for a report of a log on fire near a campfire ring. Rangers made a report to Ash Mountain Fire, and a ranger joined the helitack crew that hiked in to suppress the fire in the log. The fire was extinguished and determined out shortly after fire crew arrival.
8/3/2019: Rangers responded to Moraine Campground to take a report on graffiti and damage to government property in the campground bathrooms.

Rangers and CCCs. (National Park Service photo)

8/4/2019: Rangers hosted a Q&A/meet-and-greet session with the California Conservation Corps crew currently stationed at Cedar Grove. Rangers discussed district operations and day-to-day life as a ranger, future National Park Service career paths, and training opportunities with the crew. 
Revenue and Fee Management Branch:

Entrance Stations: Steady summer visitation; weekdays are becoming as busy as weekends at the Ash Mountain (Sequoia National Park) entrance. 
Campgrounds: Campground rangers are educating visitors about swift water and helping with river roves as they have time. There has been an increase in bear issues at Lodgepole Campground this week. 
Law Enforcement Services: 
Dispatch: The week of 07/29/2019- 08/04/2019. there were 311 incidents that required assistance for all the parks that use the SRCC: Pinnacles NP (19), WhiskeyTown Recreation Area (8), Channel Islands NP (8), Sequoia (157) and Kings Canyon (119).

One thought on “A week's worth of incidents at Sequoia-Kings Canyon: Fires, fights, fractures, and lost hikers found

  • August 9, 2019 at 10:45 am

    Regarding the incident of smoke and flames near Roaring River parking lot. We spent three days watching and waiting for that “control Burn” to dissipate, while on the beach, and it only got bigger. We spoke to the ranger station staff on the first day and were told not to worry. By the third day a very large tree was on fire and was probably going to fall. That afternoon someone else must have reported it, as a ranger came down to take pictures. I hate feeling like a fool, but at what point should we report something like this, it seems irresponsible to ignore flames.


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