Man found dead at Three Rivers Brewing Co.

When local brewery owners Matt and Roxanne McWilliams arrived for work on Monday, October 28, they were greeted by a scene where something was not right. There at 9:30 a.m. was a middle-aged man known to the couple stretched out on one of the brewery benches.

After trying to wake the man, it was apparent he was was not asleep but unconscious. The victim had been struggling with health and homelessness issues.

Some like Matt and Roxanne were compassionate and helped the victim. They called 911 shortly before 10 a.m. Fire personnel arrived a few minutes later. It was determined the victim had died sometime during the night.

A coroner’s report identified the man as Iain Morris, 50, whose last known address was Colorado Springs, Colorado. Information from the internet stated that the victim had spent time in Hollister, Calif., during the last two years as well as in Three Rivers.

The Tulare County coroner cited the cause of death as acute respiratory failure as a result of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Under the coroner’s classifications of causes for death, COPD is “considered death by natural causes.”


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