PC continues short term rental ordinance and Paradise Ranch special use permit

Following a second lengthy public hearing, on Wednesday, October 16, the Tulare County Planning Commission voted to continue until November 6 the decision on the short term rental ordinance. After questioning Charlie Norman, Tulare County Fire Chief, the commission agreed that specific language banning all fires during fire season needed to be added.

It was brought to the commission’s  attention by Debra and Mike Hauber of Three Rivers, and endorsed by the Three Rivers Community Service District (CSD), the draft ordinance also lacked text on how/if septic systems would be checked for tank size relative to guests allowed for each rental. A representative from Tulare County Environmental Health said records could be checked for most parcels and that could clarified in the next ordinance update. short term rental ordinance

In Wednesday’s hearing, 16 members of the public offered testimony to be entered in the public record. Cara Mulson, who owns properties in Three Rivers and Springville, asked the County for some gratitude and to use some of the revenue to fund an ambulance or an additional Sheriff’s deputy. short term rental ordinance

Video from the meeting offers testimony by Chief Norman and reveals how the commission reaches a decision. short term rental ordinance

Sunshine Paradise Ranch

Also on Wednesday’s agenda was a continued public hearing on a special use permit for the Sunshine Paradise Ranch. The agent for the project, Michael Cannarozi of Three Rivers, is seeking to establish a guest ranch (nine miles up South Fork)  where as many as fifteen guests would be accommodated in tipis, tents on platforms, and small wood frame structures.

Six members of the public testified in the Paradise Ranch hearing. Issues were raised during that hearing relative to fire safety, distance for emergency response, and the unsafe condition of the county road. short term rental ordinance

County planning staff was asked to come back with a plan to fix the dirt portion of South Fork Drive and look at the setback waiver for structures that are within 100 feet of the river.

The Planning Commission voted to continue the public hearing on Paradise Ranch until its October 30 meeting.

short term rental ordinance
Paradise Ranch tipis in close proximity to the river are one of the issues raised during Wednesday’s Planning Commission public hearing. County planning staff hopes to finalize the conditions of approval by the next meeting of the Planning Commission scheduled for Wednesday, October 30.

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