Range of Light National Monument: A call for more protection

In Part 2 of the interview with the Unite the Parks director, Deanna Wulff provides critical backstory. Wulff explains the difference between the U.S. Forest Service and the National Park Service. She points out that if a national monument was created it could remain under the Forest Service.

Wulff said fires would be less intense if the Sierra National Forest prohibited logging. When she asked the Forest Service to say where the logs, both green and dead, are going this season they were unable to answer.

The current timber harvest is being managed under a lease with Sierra Pacific Industries. SPI is owned by billionaire Red Emmerson, and the deal was signed a decade before the Railroad Fire of 2017.

That fire near Fish Camp burned a number of giant sequoias in the Nelder Grove. There’s so much downed and dead in the Fish Camp and Sugar Pine areas, it’s another conflagration waiting to happen.

Ironically, the Railroad Fire started near PGE transmission lines that were hit during logging operations in peak fire season. Wulff says the Sierra National Forest is a mess right now. The Forest Service, she says, is a bit overwhelmed keeping up with the exigencies of climate change.

Part 2 concludes with the origin of the name for Range of Light National Monument and, of course, John Muir is involved.

A logged area in the Sierra National Forest remains a degraded landscape for generations.


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