Sequoia and Kings Canyon incidents during a fall holiday weekend

Sequoia and Kings Canyon weekly incidents
An October view of Sequoia National Park’s Moro Rock and Alta Peak as seen from Three Rivers.

Ash Mountain
● Rangers responded to a report of a possible suicidal person that came through the Big Stump Entrance Station headed for Moro Rock. She was contacted at Eleven Range after missing the turn to Moro Rock. No endangerment criteria were observed and she was released.
● Following a wedding held in Three Rivers, a driver crashed his car outside the park while attempting to get to Visalia. He continued driving east on Hwy 198, entering the park. The vehicle tire fell off in Three Rivers and he continued to drive on the rim until the vehicle could go no further. The driver was arrested for DUI and several other violations.
● 10/10/2019: Lodgepole Emergency Medical Services dispatched to Wuksachi Lodge for a 39-year-old male from Central California for diabetes complications. Patient was transported by ambulance north to be transferred to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno.
Grant Grove
● 10/14/2019: A 65-year-old female and her horse tumbled down a hill on Sunset Trail in Grant Grove. The horse fell on the female causing bilateral humerus fractures and broken ribs as well as a possible lower leg fracture. The female was littered out and flown from McKenzie to CRMC via LifeFlight. Patient was reported by CRMC to be in stable condition. Three horses were separated from the riders. Two returned to the trailer at Big Stump Picnic Area and were secured shortly after the incident began. The other horse was missing for several hours before being located near the junction of Swale and the South Boundary trails at approximately 4 p.m. The horse sustained no serious injuries and was trailered out. The horses were owned by the patient who also owns and operates a ranch. She brought the horses to the park and are regular park users.
Revenue and Fee Management Branch:
Entrance Stations
● Columbus Day holiday weekend was steady but not too busy; lines at entrances did not exceed 15 minutes.
● Lodgepole loops A, B, C, and Log Bridge will close Wednesday, Oct. 16, at noon. Moraine Campground and Sentinel Campground sites #60-83 will close Wednesday, Oct. 16, at noon.
● New 2020 campground open/close and reservation dates will be loaded into this week.

% Full Weekdays
% Full Weekends
Cedar Grove (139 campsites)
Cedar Grove Mid-Size (closed)
Grant Grove (110 campsites)
Grant Grove Mid-Size (closed)
Lodgepole (196, down to 126 sites)
Dorst Creek (54 sites, closed 9/25)
Ash Mountain (68 sites)
Mineral King (61 sites)
Not available
Not available
Law Enforcement Services:
Total incidents by park October 6-12-
Sequoia – 35
Kings Canyon – 40
Pinnacles – 8
Channel Islands – 4
Wilderness Branch:
● Protection and wilderness staff are participating in the John Muir Trail / Pacific Crest Trail working group with other central and southern Sierra Nevada land management agencies, Pacific Crest Trail Association, and academic collaborators this week to discuss management of wilderness areas along the PCT.

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