Work and play: TRUS students receive first-quarter awards, then go to the Halloween Carnival

It’s been a busy week at Three Rivers Union School. An assembly was held Tuesday morning, Oct. 23, to distribute awards in citizenship, attendance, and academics to its high-achieving students.

The eighth-graders’ Carnival court (from left to right): Autumn Hawes, Alize Gonzales, Joey Huntington, Sierra Sherwood, Ethan Jeter, Mason Hildebrand, Beck Holzem, and Jonston St. Martin.

Carnival awards

On Saturday, Oct. 26, it was once again time for — drum roll, please — the school’s Halloween Carnival. This is an event for the entire community; there is something for all ages. The Carnival has been held during the Halloween season for seven decades. 

These days, the event is sponsored by the Eagle Booster Club, the school’s parent organization. The funds raised support school programs and purchase education, athletic, music, and art supplies.

This year’s Carnival was the venue to recognize a couple of hardworking school volunteers. This year’s honorees are Eme Price and Elenor Jeter.

Kicking off the Carnival each year is the crowning of the Carnival Queen and King, eighth-graders who are selected by a school-wide vote. The 2019 Carnival Queen is Sierra Sherwood. The 2019 Carnival King is Ethan Jeter.

School awards

Here are the 2019-2020 first-quarter award recipients listed by grade and some scary teachers and students: 

Grade 1 – Katie St. Martin

Perfect Attendance— Kaila Barconi, Presley Kerby, Alice Stark, Marionjane Veyna

Good Attendance— Hazel Adams, Hunter Cruz, Emma Nation, Erik Urias

Grade 2 – Jami Beck

Perfect Attendance— Cain Brown, Mackenzie Haynes, Lily Hope, Gwyn Mason, HaileyJane Peck, Madeline Phan, Landon Rusie, Baron Shouse

Good Attendance— Augustus Campe, Mason Doyle, Anita Fiorino, Douglas Warner


Grade 3 – Linda Warner

Perfect Attendance— Reeve Bousek, Megan Lee, Rees Mason, Clara Nesmith

Good Attendance— Lorenzo Chansler-Mestaz, Rocky Mestaz, Gerardo Reyes


Grade 4 – Linda Warner

Superintendent’s Award— Cambria Clark, Phoenix Datig, Aubree McKown, Samantha Myers

Principal’s Award— Noah Campbell-Pinon, Faith Fleeman, Adeline Joslin, Ryland Lang, Kiley Morgan, Liam Pereda

Outstanding Citizenship— Noah Campbell-Pinon, Faith Fleeman, Aubree McKown, Kiley Morgan, 

Excellent Work Ethics— Cambria Clark, Phoenix Datig, Faith Fleeman, Aubree McKown, Kiley Morgan, Samantha Myers, Thomas Parraz

Perfect Attendance— Emir Barajas, Phoenix Datig, Thomas Parraz, Liam Pereda, Austin Zirkle

Most Improved— Maverick Villavicencio


Grade 5 – Laura Himm

Superintendent’s Award— Eli Campe

Principal’s Award— Kashlin Baeza, Sabine Bousek, Ayden Brown, Harley Jackson, Thomas Leedy, Aiden Mendoza, Sophia Reyes, Tanner Rusie

Outstanding Citizenship— Sabine Bousek, Eli Campe, Harley Jackson, Thomas Leedy, Tanner Rusie

Excellent Work Ethics— Kashlin Baeza, Sabine Bousek, Eli Campe, Sophia Reyes

Perfect Attendance— Sabine Bousek, Eli Campe, Harley Jackson, Aiden Mendoza, Jordan Parraz, Sophia Reyes


Grade 6 – Megan Thorn

Superintendent’s Award— Ella Boiano, Vincent Bragg, Audrey Das, Abigail Nesmith, Aaliyah Paggi, Naveen Sall, Anna Villavicencio, Alice Warner

Principal’s Award— Rory Bischoff, Jayla Karplus, River Welch

Outstanding Citizenship— Ella Boiano, Audrey Das, Jayla Karplus, Abigail Nesmith, Aaliyah Paggi, Lucas Pereda, Naveen Sall, Anna Villavicencio, Alice Warner, River Welch

Excellent Work Ethics— Rory Bischoff, Ella Boiano, Vincent Bragg, Audrey Das, Abigail Nesmith, Aaliyah Paggi, Naveen Sall, Anna Villavicencio, Alice Warner, River Welch

Perfect Attendance— Vincent Bragg, Aiden McWilliams, Abigail Nesmith, Aaliyah Paggi, Naveen Sall, Nikolai Thompson-Gilbert, Alice Warner, Noah Zirkle


Grade 7 – Diane Garcia

Superintendent’s Award— Josephine Allen, Hannah Lafferty, Riley Lafferty, Elias Lang, Melissa Reyes, Julissa St. Martin, Laci Stone

Principal’s Award— Baylee Ainley, Arlette Barajas, Koen Champlin, Brenden Doyle, Jack Goldstone, Liam Root, Lava Timpson, Finn Welch, Sunora Welch

Outstanding Citizenship— Josephine Allen, Arlette Barajas, Brenden Doyle, Jack Goldstone, Hannah Lafferty, Riley Lafferty, Melissa Reyes, Elizabeth Smith, Julissa St. Martin, Laci Stone, Lava Timpson, Finn Welch

Excellent Work Ethics— Josephine Allen, Hannah Lafferty, Riley Lafferty, Elias Lang, Melissa Reyes, Julissa St. Martin, Laci Stone, Lava Timpson

Perfect Attendance— Arlette Barajas, Koen Champlin, Jack Goldstone, Hannah Lafferty, Riley Lafferty, Melissa Reyes, Aiden Schmidt, Julissa St. Martin, Laci Stone, Rhoswen Wilkerson


Grade 8 – Susan Sherwood

Superintendent’s Award— Alexandra Carpenter, Jai Das, Josephine Huntington, Ethan Jeter, Martin Karplus, Jasmeet Sall, Sierra Sherwood

Principal’s Award— Alize Gonzales, Sarah Gonzalez, Hope Harrelson, Anthony Hilson, Jacob Parraz, Daniel Wilson

Outstanding Citizenship— Alexandra Carpenter, Alize Gonzales, Sarah Gonzalez, Hope Harrelson, Jasmine Harrelson, Mason Hildebrand, Beck Holzem, Josephine Huntington, Ethan Jeter, Martin Karplus, Jacob Parraz, Jasmeet Sall, Sierra Sherwood, Daniel Wilson

Excellent Work Ethics— Alexandra Carpenter, Jai Das, Alize Gonzales, Sarah Gonzalez, Hope Harrelson, Josephine Huntington, Ethan Jeter, Martin Karplus, Jacob Parraz, Jasmeet Sall, Sierra Sherwood, Daniel Wilson

Perfect Attendance— Alexandra Carpenter, Sarah Gonzalez, Hope Harrelson, Ethan Jeter, Jasmeet Sall, Sierra Sherwood

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